CBA Adhesive Pads For Number Plates

Double sided adhesive number plate fixing pads.
No drilling and no splitting, no nuts and bolts!

Fixing your number plate to your car by drilling can sometimes cause the number plate to split. This is never a problem with our fixing pads as no drilling is required!

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We supply two types of pads:
Standard Pad - 1000 pads per roll
Superior Deluxe Pad - 500 pads per roll

Smaller amounts available, please for a price!

We supply to garage franchises that sell:
Audi, BMW, Honda, Subaru, Peugeot, Nissan, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Citroen, Land Rover, Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Renault, Saab, Fiat, Seat and Vauxhall.

Fixing Instructions
  1. All surfaces must be thoroughly clean, dry, grease-free and wax-free before fixing plates. Use methylated spirits or other degreasing agent.
  2. If the vehicle has pre-drilled holes in either the front or back, these holes need to be sealed with silicone before applying the pads to prevent the ingress of water.
  3. Peel the liner from one side of the pads and position the four pads vertically on the back of the number plate as in diagram below.
  4. Remove the backing from the pad and offer the number plate lightly to the vehicle making sure it is carefully positioned before contact.
  5. After checking position apply firm pressure to the plate for approximately 20 seconds.